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1959 American epic historical drama film by William Wyler


Charlton Heston
American actor and guns rights activist (1923-2008)
Jack Hawkins
British actor who worked on stage and in film from the 1930s until the 1970s
Haya Harareet
Israeli actress
Stephen Boyd
Northern Irish actor (1931-1977)
Hugh Griffith
Welsh actor (1912-1980)
Martha Scott
American actress
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Cathy O'Donnell
American actress
Sam Jaffe
American actor, teacher, musician and engineer (1891-1984)
Finlay Currie
Scottish actor
Liana Del Balzo
Italian actress (1899-1982)
Marina Berti
British Italian actress
Frank Thring
Australian character actor in radio, stage, television and film and theatre d...
André Morell
British actor (1909-1978)
Aldo Silvani
Italian actor, voice actor and director
Duncan Lamont
British actor (1918-1978)
George Relph
British stage and film actor (1888-1960)
John Le Mesurier
English actor (1912-1983)
Lydia Clarke
American actress and photographer (1923-2018)
Mino Doro
Italian actor (1903-2006)
Richard Hale
American singer and character actor
Terence Longdon
actor (1922-2011)
Ferdy Mayne
German actor (1916-1998)
Giuliano Gemma
Italian actor (1938-2013)
Ralph Truman
British actor (1900-1977)
Lando Buzzanca
Italian actor
José Greci
Italian film, television and stage actress (1941-2017)
Raimondo Van Riel
Italian actor (1881-1962)
Pietro Tordi
Italian actor (1906-1990)
Enzo Fiermonte
Italian film actor, director and boxer
Aldo Pini
Italian actor (1909-1990)
Tutte Lemkow
British actor (1918-1991)
Robert Brown
British actor (1921-2003)