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1935 film by William Wyler


Frances Dee
American actress (1909-2004)
Benita Hume
British actress
Alan Mowbray
British actor
Akim Tamiroff
Russian-American movie actor
Lionel Stander
American actor in films, radio, theater and television (1908-1994)
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Richard Carle
American actor and playwright (1871-1941)
Ferdinand Gottschalk
actor (1858-1944)
Luis Alberni
actor (1886-1962)
Paul Hurst
American actor and film director (1888-1953)
Robert Greig
American/Australian actor (1879-1958)
Rudolf Myzet
Czech actor (1888-1964)
Lynn Bari
American actress (1913-1989)
Jack Mulhall
actor (1887-1979)
Charles Sellon
American actor (1870-1937)
Jack Mower
actor (1890-1965)
Iris Adrian
actress (1912-1994)
Wade Boteler
actor (1888–1943)
Maidel Turner
Film, stage actress (1888-1953)
Edmund Mortimer
actor (1874-1944)
Spencer Charters
actor (1875-1943)
Anne O'Neal
actor (1893-1971)