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1971 French-Italian-Spanish adventure film directed by Robert Enrico


Brigitte Bardot
French model, actor, singer and animal rights activist
Lino Ventura
Italian Actor
Bill Travers
British activist (1922-1994)
Albert Simono
French actor
Andreas Voutsinas
Greek actor and theatre director
Antonio Casas
actor (1911-1982)
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Bob Asklöf
Swedish actor (1942-2011)
Cathy Rosier
French actress
Clive Revill
actor from New Zealand
Count Basie
American jazz musician, bandleader, and composer (1904-1984)
Dan van Husen
German actor
Darling Légitimus
French actress
Florence Giorgetti
French actress
Guy Marchand
French actor, singer and musician
Henri Czarniak
French actor
Jack Betts
Film, television actor
Jess Hahn
actor (1921-1998)
Lorenzo Robledo
Spanish actor
Lucienne Hamon
French actress
Marc Dudicourt
French actor
Marc Eyraud
1924-2005 French actor
Nathalie Courval
French actress
Philippe Rouleau
French actor
Robert Lombard
actor from France (1921-2003)
Sylvain Lévignac
French actor and stuntman (1929-1994)
Tanya Lopert
French actress
Ursula Kübler
Swiss dancer, draughtsperson, journalist, actor and choreographer
Van Doude
Dutch actor
José María Caffarel
Spanish actor (1919-1999)
José Manuel Martín
Spanish film and TV actor
Manuel De Blas
Spanish actor
Roger Jacquet
French actor
Sergio Mendizábal
Spanish film actor
Saturno Cerra
Spanish film actor (1924-2015)
José Jaspe
Spanish actor (1906-1974)