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1966 film by Denys de La Patellière


Jean Gabin
French actor, recording artist
Gert Fröbe
German actor (1913-1988)
Nadja Tiller
Austrian actress
Mireille Darc
French actress-model (1938-2017)
Claude Brasseur
French actor
Marcel Bozzuffi
actor (1928-1988)
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George Raft
American actor
Alain Bouvette
1924-2004 French actor
Alexander Allerson
German actor and voice actor
Anne-Marie Blot
French actress
Benito Stefanelli
Itaian actor
Carlo Nell
French comedian, singer and actor
César Torrès
French actor
Claude Cerval
actor (1921-1972)
Claudio Brook
Mexican actor (1927-1995)
Daniel Ceccaldi
French actor (1927-2003)
Daniel Crohem
French actor
Dany Dauberson
French singer (1925-1979)
Fernand Berset
Swiss writer (1931-2011)
Jean-Claude Bercq
French actor
Jo Dalat
French actor
Joe Warfield
American actor
Katia Christine
Dutch actress
Lucien Desagneaux
French actor
Marc Arian
French actor of Armenian descent
Marius Gaidon
French actor
Maurice Auzel
French actor and boxer (1932-1995)
Mino Doro
Italian actor (1903-2006)
Olivier Mathot
French actor
Philippe Clair
French film director (1930-2020)
Pierre Leproux
French actor
Roger Rudel
French actor
Yves Barsacq
French film actor
Yvon Sarray
French actor (1917-1990)
Christa Lang
German actress
Franco Balducci
actor (1922-2001)