Add to watched The Lebanese Mission (1956)

1956 film by Richard Pottier


Jean-Claude Pascal
French comedian and singer
Gianna Maria Canale
Italian actress (1927-2009)
Omar Sharif
Egyptian actor (1932-2015)
Aïché Nana
Turkish actress, dancer and stripper of Armenian origin (1936-2014)
Germaine Delbat
French actress
Guido Celano
Italian actor, voice actor and director
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Guy Henri
French actor (1922-2002)
Henri Debain
French actor
Jean Lefebvre
French actor
Jean Servais
Film and stage actor
Jess Hahn
actor (1921-1998)
Juliette Gréco
French actress and singer
Luciana Paluzzi
Italian actress
French recording artist; actor and jazz drummer
Pierre Moncorbier
French actor
René Lefèvre-Bel
French actor
Robert Dalban
French actor (1903-1987)