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1947 film by George Marshall


Olga San Juan
Nuyorican actress (1927-2009)
DeForest Kelley
American actor (1920-1999)
Nella Walker
actress (1886-1971)
Bing Crosby
American singer and actor (1903-1977)
Bob Hope
American comedian, actor, singer and dancer (1903–2003)
Barbara Stanwyck
American actress
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Gary Cooper
American actor (1901-1961)
Ray Milland
Welsh actor and film director (1907-1986)
Alan Ladd
American actor (1913-1964)
Paulette Goddard
American actress
Dorothy Lamour
American actress and singer
Veronica Lake
American actor (1922-1973)
William Holden
American actor (1918-1981)
Lizabeth Scott
American actress and singer
Burt Lancaster
American actor and producer (1913-1994)
Sterling Hayden
American actor (1916-1986)
Robert Preston
American actor
Barry Fitzgerald
actor (1888-1961)
Cecil B. DeMille
American film director (1881-1959)
George Marshall
American actor, screenwriter, producer and film and television director (1891...
Joan Caulfield
American actress and former fashion model (1922-1991)
Gail Russell
actress (1924-1961)
William Bendix
American actor (1906-1964)
Patric Knowles
actor, novelist
Sonny Tufts
American actor
Diana Lynn
American actress (1926-1971)
Macdonald Carey
American actor (1913-1994)
Cecil Kellaway
South African actor
Mitchell Leisen
American film director (1898-1972)
Walter Abel
American actor
Ann Doran
actress (1911-2000)
George Reeves
American actor
Pearl Bailey
American singer
Wanda Hendrix
American actress (1928-1981)
John Lund
American film actor
Patricia Barry
American actress (1922-2016)
Frank Faylen
actor (1905-1985)
Russell Hicks
American actor (1895-1957)
Frank Mayo
American actor (1889–1963)
Arleen Whelan
actress (1914-1993)
Richard Webb
American actor (1915-1993)
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Hal K. Dawson
American actor (1896-1987)
Glenn Tryon
American actor (1898-1970)
William E. Snyder
American cinematographer (1901-1984)
Edgar Dearing
American actor (1893-1974)
Mary Hatcher
American actress (1929-2018)
Frank Ferguson
American actor (1899-1978)
Virginia Field
British actress (1917-1992)
Alma Macrorie
American film editor and actor (1904-1970)
Howard da Silva
American actor
Spike Jones
American musician and band leader (1911-1965)
Mona Freeman
American actress (1926-2014)
Paula Raymond
American actress (1924-2003)
Pinto Colvig
actor (1892-1967)
Billy De Wolfe
American actor (1907-1974)