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1957 film by John Gilling


Ray Milland
Welsh actor and film director (1907-1986)
Anthony Newley
British actor and musician (1931-1999)
Bernard Lee
English actor (1908-1981)
Alfred Burke
English actor (1918-2011)
Andrew Keir
Scottish actor (1926-1997)
Barry Foster
British film and television actor (1927–2002)
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Bernard Horsfall
British actor
Duncan Lamont
British actor (1918-1978)
Ian Fleming
Australian character actor
John Le Mesurier
English actor (1912-1983)
Kynaston Reeves
British actor (1893-1971)
Leslie Phillips
English actor
Nancy Nevinson
British actor (1918-2012)
Richard Wattis
actor (1912-1975)
Kenneth Haigh
British actor (1931-2018)