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1940 American musical film directed by W. S. Van Dyke


Jeanette MacDonald
American singer and actress (1903-1965)
Nelson Eddy
American musical film star, operatic baritone
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Ian Hunter
British actor
Sig Ruman
German-American actor
Herman Bing
1930s-1940's character actor
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Felix Bressart
film actor
Edward Ashley-Cooper
Australian actor (1904-2000)
Curt Bois
German actor
Fay Holden
American actress (1893-1973)
Armand Kaliz
American actor (1887-1941)
Diana Lewis
American film actress
Greta Meyer
German actress
Janet Beecher
American actress (1884-1955)
Lynne Carver
actress (1916-1955)
Veda Ann Borg
actress (1915-1973)