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1934 western film starring John Wayne directed by Harry L. Fraser


John Wayne
American actor (1907–1979)
George "Gabby" Hayes
American actor (1885-1969)
Yakima Canutt
American rodeo rider, actor, stuntman and action director (1895-1986)
Alberta Vaughn
actress (1904-1992)
Earl Dwire
actor (1883-1940)
Artie Ortego
American actor (1890-1960)
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Tex Phelps
American actor (1902–1958)
Horace B. Carpenter
actor, Film director (1875-1945)
Tommy Coats
American actor (1899–1954)
Herman Hack
actor (1899-1967)
Perry Murdock
American set decorator and actor (1901–1988)
Tex Palmer
American actor (1904–1982)
Mack V. Wright
actor, Film director (1894-1965)