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1935 film by Michael Curtiz


Bette Davis
American film, television and stage actress (1908-1989)
J. Carrol Naish
actor (1896-1973)
J. Farrell MacDonald
actor & Director (1875-1952)
Joseph Crehan
actor (1883-1966)
Roscoe Karns
actor (1891-1970)
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Walter Walker
American actor (1864-1947)
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)
George Chandler
American film and television actor (1898-1985)
Leo White
German-American actor
Lester Dorr
American film director and actor (1893-1980)
Wild Bill Elliott
American actor (1904-1965)
Harry C. Bradley
American Actor (1869-1947)
Wade Boteler
actor (1888–1943)
Edward Keane
actor (1884-1959)
Eddy Chandler
actor (1894-1948)
Paul Panzer
German-American silent film actor
Wini Shaw
actress (1907-1982)
Gordon Westcott
American actor (1903-1935)
Dorothy Dare
Actress, singer (1911-1981)
Frank Sheridan
American actor (1869-1943)
Mary Treen
American actress (1907-1989)