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1946 film by Jules Dassin


Lucille Ball
American actress, comedian and businesswoman
John Hodiak
American actor of ukrainian descent (1914-1955)
Lloyd Nolan
American actor (1902-1985)
Clarence Muse
American actor
Elisha Cook Jr.
American actor (1903-1995)
Hugo Haas
Czech film director, actor, director, scriptwriter and singer
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Lenore Ulric
American actress (1892-1970)
Lloyd Corrigan
American actor (1900-1969)
Shelley Winters
American actress (1920-2006)
Vladimir Sokoloff
Russian actor
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
George Magrill
actor (1900-1952)
Emil Rameau
German actor
William Tannen
American actor (1911-1976)
Frank O'Connor
American actor (1881-1959)