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1943 film by Otto Preminger


Joan Bennett
American actress
Milton Berle
American comedian and actor
Carl Esmond
Austrian actor
Don Dillaway
American actor (1903-1982)
Ferike Boros
Stage and movie actress
Hans Heinrich von Twardowski
German actor (1898-1958)
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Howard Freeman
American actor
Ludwig Donath
actor (1900-1967)
Otto Preminger
American director, producer, actor (1905-1986)
Ralph Byrd
actor (1909-1952)
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)
Emmett Vogan
actor (1893-1969)
Cyril Ring
American film actor (1892-1967)
Ted North
American actor (1916-1975)
Bert Moorhouse
American actor (1894-1954)
Wolfgang Zilzer
German-American stage and film actor
Byron Foulger
actor (1899-1970)
Carl M. Leviness
actor (1885-1964)