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1961 film by Mario Zampi


Ernie Kovacs
American comedian, actor, and writer
Cyd Charisse
American dancer and actress
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Kay Hammond
British actress (1909-1980)
Dennis Price
actor (1915-1973)
Clelia Matania
Italian actress
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John Le Mesurier
English actor (1912-1983)
Finlay Currie
Scottish actor
Reginald Beckwith
British actor
Sydney Tafler
British actor (1916-1979)
Martin Benson
English actor
Bruno Barnabe
British actor (1905-1998)
Ron Moody
British actor
Leonard Sachs
actor (1909-1990)
Marianne Stone
actress (1922-2009)
Joy Shelton
British actress (1922-2000)
Hy Hazell
English film actress (1919-1970)
Liana Del Balzo
Italian actress (1899-1982)