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1954 film by Richard Brooks


Elizabeth Taylor
British-American actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian
Van Johnson
American film and television actor and dancer
Walter Pidgeon
Canadian actor (1897-1984)
Donna Reed
American film and television actress (1921-1986)
Eva Gabor
Hungarian-American actress, businesswoman, singer, and socialite (1919-1995)
George Dolenz
actor (1908-1963)
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Roger Moore
British actor (1927-2017)
Kurt Kasznar
stage, film, and television actor (1913-1979)
Celia Lovsky
Austrian actress (1897-1979)
Alberto Morin
actor from Puerto Rico (1902-1989)
Fay Roope
American actor (1893-1961)
John Doucette
American actor (1921-1994)
Odette Myrtil
Actress; businesswoman
Peter Leeds
American actor (1917-1996)
Ann Codee
Belgian actress (1890-1961)
Louis Mercier
French actor