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1963 film by Cliff Owen


Peter Sellers
British film actor, comedian and singer (1925-1980)
Lionel Jeffries
English actor, screenwriter and film director
Bernard Cribbins
English character actor, voice-over artist and musical comedian
John Le Mesurier
English actor (1912-1983)
Bill Kerr
Australian stage, film and television actor
Nanette Newman
British actress
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Ed Devereaux
Australian actor, film director (1925-2003)
Irene Browne
British actress (1896-1965)
Dennis Price
actor (1915-1973)
Dick Emery
English comic actor
Michael Caine
British actor
Marianne Stone
actress (1922-2009)
Tutte Lemkow
British actor (1918-1991)
Graham Stark
English comedian, actor, writer and director
John Harvey
English actor (1911-1982)