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1952 American film by Mitchell Leisen


Glenn Ford
Canadian-American actor
Ruth Roman
American actress (1922-1999)
Nina Foch
Dutch-born American actress (1924-2008)
Carl Milletaire
American actor (1912-1994)
Fay Roope
American actor (1893-1961)
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Mary Wickes
Ray Collins
American actor (1889-1965)
Sheldon Leonard
actor (1907-1997)
Will Wright
American character actor
Louise Lorimer
actor (1898-1995)
Lawrence Dobkin
American television director, actor and screenwriter (1919-2002)
Jonathan Hale
Canadian actor
Barbara Billingsley
American actress and model
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
Frank Wilcox
American actor (1907-1974)
Peter Brocco
American actor (1903-1992)
Philo McCullough
American film actor (1893-1981)
Richard Hale
American singer and character actor
William Newell
American film actor (1894-1967)
Paul Bradley
actor (1901-1999)
Emmett Vogan
actor (1893-1969)
John Zaremba
American actor (1908-1986)
Russ Conway
actor (1913-2009)
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)
Wilton Graff
American actor (1903-1969)
Hal K. Dawson
American actor (1896-1987)
Frank Sully
American actor (1908-1975)
Nella Walker
actress (1886-1971)
Martha Wentworth
American actress (1889-1974)