Brendan Fraser
Canadian-American actor
Chris Kattan
American actor and comedian
Whoopi Goldberg
American actress, comedian, author and television personality
Rose McGowan
American actress, director and activist
Giancarlo Esposito
American film and television actor
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John Turturro
American actor, writer and director
Thomas Haden Church
American actor, director, writer
Bob Odenkirk
American actor, comedian, writer, director and producer
Claudette Mink
Canadian actress
Dave Foley
Canadian actor, stand-up comedian
Leif Tilden
American actor
Lisa Zane
American actress and singer who has starred on stage, television and in film
Megan Mullally
American actress
Arturo Gil
American actor
Shawnee Free Jones
American actress
Doug Jones
American actor, contortionist and mime
Roger L. Jackson
American actor
Tom Fisher
British actor
Harry Knowles
American film critic and disgrace to redheads everywhere
Anne Fletcher
American actress, film director and choreographer
Joe Ranft
American writer, animator and voice actor
Jason Kravits
American actor