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1960 French film by Jean-Luc Godard


Jean-Paul Belmondo
French actor
Jean Seberg
American actress (1938-1979)
Daniel Boulanger
French novelist, playwright, poet and screenwriter
Jean-Pierre Melville
French film director (1917-1973)
André S. Labarthe
French actor, film producer, film director
Claude Mansard
French actor
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Henri-Jacques Huet
French actor
Jacques Siclier
French journalist
Jean Domarchi
French journalist and film critic
Jean Douchet
French film critic
Jean-Louis Richard
French actor and director
José Bénazéraf
French film director
Liliane David
French actress
Roger Hanin
French and Algerian film actor/director (1925-2015)
Van Doude
Dutch actor