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1974 British thriller film directed by Richard Lester


Richard Harris
Irish actor, singer, film director and writer
Omar Sharif
Egyptian actor (1932-2015)
David Hemmings
British actor, producer, director, and singer
Anthony Hopkins
Welsh actor
Shirley Knight
American actress
Ian Holm
English actor
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Mark Burns
actor (1936-2007)
Freddie Jones
English character actor
Julian Glover
English actor
Roshan Seth
British actor
Simon MacCorkindale
British actor, director and producer (1952-2010)
Cyril Cusack
Irish actor
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Clifton James
American actor (1920-2017)
Roy Kinnear
British actor (1934-1988)
Jack Watson
British actor (1915-1999)
Caroline Mortimer
British actress
Doris Nolan
American actress (1916–1998)
Kenneth Colley
British actor
John Stride
British actor (1936-2018)
Eric Mason
British actor (1927-2010)
John Bindon
English actor and bodyguard (1943-1993)