Add to watched Waiter! (1983)

1983 film by Claude Sautet


André Chaumeau
French actor
Annick Alane
French actress (1925-2019)
Bernard Fresson
actor (1931-2002)
Carlo Nell
French comedian, singer and actor
Chrystelle Labaude
French actress
Clémentine Célarié
French actress, singer and writer
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Dominique Laffin
French actress (1952-1985)
François Siener
French actor
Georges Claisse
French actor
Gerald Calderon
French documentary filmmaker
Henri Génès
French actor and singer
Hubert Deschamps
French actor
Jacques Villeret
French actor (1951–2005)
Jenny Astruc
French actress
Marianne Comtell
French actress
Marie Dubois
French actress (1937-2014)
Nicolas Vogel
French actor
Nicole Garcia
French actress, film director and writer
Pierre-Loup Rajot
French actor
Rosy Varte
French actress
Simon de La Brosse
French actor (1965-1998)
Viviane Blassel
French actress
Viviane Blassel
French actress
Yves Montand
French-Italian actor and singer
Yves Robert
French director (1920-2002)