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1977 James Bond film by Lewis Gilbert


Roger Moore
British actor (1927-2017)
Bernard Lee
English actor (1908-1981)
Lois Maxwell
Canadian actress (1927-2007)
Desmond Llewelyn
British actor (1914-1999)
Richard Kiel
American actor (1939-2014)
Curd J├╝rgens
film, stage and TV actor (1915-1982)
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Olga Bisera
Italian actress
Barbara Bach
Eva Rueber-Staier
Austrian model, actress, presenter, and beauty queen
Vernon Dobtcheff
British actor
Robert Brown
British actor (1921-2003)
Geoffrey Keen
English actor
Walter Gotell
actor (1924-1997)
Shane Rimmer
Canadian actor
Caroline Munro
British actor and model
George Baker
English actor and writer (1931-2011)
Michael Billington
English actor (1941-2005)
Edward de Souza
British actor
Sydney Tafler
British actor (1916-1979)
Nadim Sawalha
British-Jordanian actor
Bryan Marshall
British actor
Milton Reid
British actor and professional wrestler (1917-1987)
Cyril Shaps
English actor
Jeremy Bulloch
English actor
Marilyn Galsworthy
British actress
Michael G. Wilson
screenwriter, film producer
Nicholas Campbell
Canadian actor and filmmaker
Valerie Leon
English actress
Garrick Hagon
English actor
Anthony Shaw
American film director and actor; son of Angela Lansbury
Kevin McNally
English actor
Bob Sherman
American actor (1940-2004)
Albert Moses
British actor (1937-2017)
Bob Simmons
British stunt man