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1976 film by Werner Hedmann


Gertie Jung
Danish actress
Lizzi Varencke
Danish actress
Tony Rodian
Danish actor (1931-1995)
Karl Stegger
Danish actor (1913-1980)
Judy Gringer
Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen
Danish stage and film actress
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Arthur Jensen
Danish actor (1897-1981)
Louise Frevert
Danish member of the Danish parliament
Ib Mossin
Danish actor and singer
Ole Søltoft
Danish actor
Else Petersen
Danish actress
Poul Bundgaard
Danish actor and opera singer
Werner Hedmann
Danish film director and cinematographer
William Kisum
Danish actor
Bent Warburg
Danish actor
Anne Bie Warburg
Danish pornographic actress and actress
Gina Janssen
German actress and pornographic actress
Lise Henningsen
Danish actress (1931-2019)
Magi Stocking
film actor