Add to watched Night Has a Thousand Eyes

1948 film by John Farrow


Edward G. Robinson
Romanian-American actor
Gail Russell
actress (1924-1961)
John Lund
American film actor
Virginia Bruce
actress from the United States
Richard Webb
American actor (1915-1993)
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Onslow Stevens
American actor
John Alexander
American actor (1897-1982)
Douglas Spencer
American actor (1910-1960)
Jerome Cowan
US actor
Luis van Rooten
American actor
Roman Bohnen
American actor (1901-1949)
Ruth Roman
American actress (1922-1999)
Margaret Field
American actress (1922-2011)
Pat Flaherty
American baseball player
Frances Morris
American actress (1908-2003)
Lester Dorr
American film director and actor (1893-1980)
Minerva Urecal
actress (1894-1966)
Edward Earle
Canadian actor
William Haade
actor (1903-1966)