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1931 film by Frank Capra


Loretta Young
American actress
Robert Williams
American actor (1894-1931)
Jean Harlow
American film actress (1911–1937)
Don Dillaway
American actor (1903-1982)
Halliwell Hobbes
British actor (1877-1962)
Reginald Owen
British actor (1887-1972)
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Walter Catlett
American actor
Claud Allister
English actor (1888-1970)
Louise Closser Hale
American actress, author, and playwright
Eddy Chandler
actor (1894-1948)
Wild Bill Elliott
American actor (1904-1965)
Edmund Mortimer
actor (1874-1944)
Ellinor Vanderveer
American actress (1886-1976)
William Wagner
actor (1883-1964)
Florence Wix
American actress (1883-1956)