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1961 film by Jerry Lewis


Howard McNear
actor (1905-1969)
Dick Wesson
American actor, comedian, comedy writer, and producer (1922-1996)
Jerry Lewis
American comedian, actor, film producer, writer and film director
Kathleen Freeman
American actress (1919-2001)
Isobel Elsom
British actress (1893-1981)
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Sig Ruman
German-American actor
Dick Wesson
American movie and television announcer (1919-1979)
Fritz Feld
German-American actor (1900-1993)
Iris Adrian
actress (1912-1994)
Regis Toomey
actor (1898-1991)
Renée Taylor
American actress and writer
Stanley Adams
American actor and screenwriter (1915-1977)
Stuart Holmes
actor (1884-1971)
Michael Landon
actor, director, producer, writer (1936-1991)
Roscoe Ates
actor, musician (1895-1962)
Paul Frees
American voice actor
Snub Pollard
Australian actor (1889-1962)
Joe Besser
American actor (1907-1988)
Phil Arnold
American actor (1909-1968)
Richard Bakalyan
American actor (1931-2015)
Barry Livingston
American actor
Mary Treen
American actress (1907-1989)