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1956 film by Ronald Neame


Clifton Webb
American actor, singer, dancer
Gloria Grahame
American actress (1923-1981)
Stephen Boyd
Northern Irish actor (1931-1977)
Laurence Naismith
English actor (1908-1992)
Cyril Cusack
Irish actor
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
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Robert Flemyng
British actor (1912-1995)
Geoffrey Keen
English actor
Peter Sellers
British film actor, comedian and singer (1925-1980)
André Morell
British actor (1909-1978)
Terence Longdon
actor (1922-2011)
Moultrie Kelsall
British actor (1901-1980)
Josephine Griffin
British actor and writer
Allan Cuthbertson
Australian actor (1920–1988)
William Russell
English actor, born 1924
François Périer
French actor