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1964 film by Roger Vadim


Jane Fonda
American actress and activist
Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
Jean-Claude Brialy
French actor and director
Maurice Ronet
French actor
Alice Cocéa
French actress
Francine Bergé
French actress
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Marie Dubois
French actress (1937-2014)
Claude Giraud
French actor
Jean Sorel
French actor
Catherine Spaak
French actress
French actress and singer
Anne-Marie Coffinet
French actress
Bernard Murat
French actor and film director
Bernard Noël
French actor
Denise Benoit
No description provided
Dominique Zardi
French actor
Françoise Dorléac
French film actress (1942–1967)
Helmut Berger
Austrian film and television actor
Jacques Chazot
French dancer
Jean Ozenne
French actor
Jean René Célestin Parédès
French actor and singer
Renée Passeur
French actress
Serge Marquand
French actor and film producer
Valérie Lagrange
French actress, singer and writer
Lionel Vitrant
French actor and stuntman
Christa Lang
German actress
Dany Jacquet
French actress