Add to watched Lloyd's of London

1936 film by Henry King


Freddie Bartholomew
English-American child actor (1924-1992)
Madeleine Carroll
English actress (1906-1987)
Guy Standing
British actor (1873-1937)
Tyrone Power
American actor (1914-1958)
George Sanders
British film and television actor
C. Aubrey Smith
British actor (1863-1948)
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J. M. Kerrigan
Irish actor
Una O'Connor
Montagu Love
British actor (1877–1943)
Virginia Field
British actress (1917-1992)
Lester Matthews
British actor (1900-1975)
Arthur Hohl
American actor (1889-1964)
Billy Bevan
actor (1887-1957)
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Douglas Scott
American actor (1925-1988)
E. E. Clive
Welsh actor in the early 20th century
Forrester Harvey
Irish actor
Gavin Muir
American actor (1900-1972)
Holmes Herbert
English actor (1882-1956)
John Burton
British actor (1904–1987)
Lumsden Hare
actor, director (1874-1964)
Miles Mander
English actor (1888-1946)
Robert Greig
American/Australian actor (1879-1958)
Robert L. Simpson
American film editor (1910-1977)
Vernon Steele
British actor (1882-1955)
Leonard Mudie
British actor (1883-1965)