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1934 film by Michael Curtiz


James Cagney
American actor and dancer
Bette Davis
American film, television and stage actress (1908-1989)
Allen Jenkins
Film, stage and television actor
Alan Dinehart
actor (1889-1944)
Alice White
actress (1904-1983)
Mayo Methot
actress (1904-1951)
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Arthur Hohl
American actor (1889-1964)
Hobart Cavanaugh
American actor (1886-1950)
Phillip Reed
American actor
Ralf Harolde
American actor (1899-1974)
Nora Lane
actress (1905-1948)
Jane Darwell
Dennis O'Keefe
American actor
Joe Sawyer
actor (1906-1982)
Robert Warwick
actor (1878-1964)
Lester Dorr
American film director and actor (1893-1980)
Billy West
American actor (1892-1975)
Jay Eaton
American actor (1899-1970)
Lee Moran
American actor, director, screenwriter (1888-1961)
Merna Kennedy
actress (1908-1944)