Mae West
American actress and sex symbol (1893-1980)
Dom DeLuise
American actor, comedian, chef, director, producer, author
Timothy Dalton
British actor of stage, film and television
Tony Curtis
American film actor (1925-2010)
Ringo Starr
British musician, drummer for the Beatles
George Hamilton
American actor
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Alice Cooper
American rock singer, songwriter and musician
George Raft
American actor
Ian Abercrombie
English actor (1934-2012)
James Bacon
American biographer, columnist, memoirist, reporter, and actor
Keith Moon
English rock musician, drummer of The Who
Regis Philbin
American television personality (1931–2020)
Walter Pidgeon
Canadian actor (1897-1984)
Ryeland Allison
American actor and composer
Reg Lewis
American bodybuilder and actor
William Beckley
American actor (1930-2015)
June Fairchild
American actress (1946-2015)