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1932 film by Edmund Goulding


Marion Davies
American actress, producer, screenwriter and socialite (1897-1961)
Robert Montgomery
American film and television actor (1904-1981)
Billie Dove
American silent film actress; aviator (1903-1997)
Jimmy Durante
American jazz singer, pianist, comedian and actor
ZaSu Pitts
actress (1894-1963)
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Sidney Toler
American actor, playwright and theatre director
Douglass Dumbrille
Canadian-American actor
Sarah Padden
American actress (1881-1967)
Louise Carter
American actress
Billy Gilbert
American comedian and actor
Harold Miller
American actor (1894-1972)
Charles Williams
American actor and screenwriter (1898-1958)
Bert Moorhouse
American actor (1894-1954)
Edmund Mortimer
actor (1874-1944)
Oscar Apfel
actor, film director (1878-1938)
Jay Eaton
American actor (1899-1970)