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1937 film by William Dieterle, William Keighley


Errol Flynn
Australian actor (1909-1959)
Billy Mauch
American actor
Claude Rains
British-American actor
Barton MacLane
actor, playwright, screenwriter
Henry Stephenson
British stage and film actor (1871-1956)
Alan Hale
actor, film director (1892-1950)
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Montagu Love
British actor (1877–1943)
Fritz Leiber Senior
American actor (1882-1949)
Lionel Belmore
actor (1867-1953)
Tom Ricketts
actor (1853-1939)
Leo White
German-American actor
Tom Wilson
American film actor (1880-1965)
Halliwell Hobbes
British actor (1877-1962)
Ivan Simpson
Scottish actor (1875-1951)
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Harry Beresford
English stage actor, screen writer, and novelist (1863-1944)
Jimmy Aubrey
British actor (1887-1983)
Leonard Willey
British actor (1882-1964)
Lionel Pape
English actor (1877-1944)
Robert Warwick
actor (1878-1964)
Ian Maclaren
English actor (1875-1952)
Carrie Daumery
American actress
John George
Syrian-American actor (1898-1968)
Bobby Mauch
American actor
Bobby Mauch
American actor
Bobby Mauch
American actor