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1964 film by Robert Dhéry


Bernard Cribbins
English character actor, voice-over artist and musical comedian
Bernard Lajarrige
French actor (1912-1999)
Billy Kearns
actor from the United States (1923-1992)
Catherine Sola
French actress (1941-2014)
Christian Marin
actor (1929-2012)
Colette Brosset
French actress
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Colin Blakely
Northern Irish actor
Colin Drake
British actor
Diana Dors
English actress (1931-1984)
Ferdy Mayne
German actor (1916-1998)
Gérard Buhr
French actor
Hélène Tossy
French actress
Henri Génès
French actor and singer
Jacques Legras
French actor
Jean Carmet
French actor (1920-1994)
Jean Lefebvre
French actor
Jean Richard
French actor
Patricia Karim
Belgian actress
Percy Herbert
British actor (1920-1992)
Pierre Dac
French humorist
Pierre Doris
French actor and humorist
Pierre Olaf
French actor
Pierre Tchernia
French cinema and television producer, screenwriter, presenter, animator and ...
Pierre Tornade
French actor
Richard Vernon
Film, television actor
Robert Burnier
French actor (1897-1974)
Robert Destain
French actor and singer
Robert Dhéry
French actor and film director (1921-2004)
Robert Rollis
French actor
Ronald Fraser
British actor