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1958 film by John Guillermin


M. E. Clifton James
Australian actor
John Mills
English actor
Cecil Parker
actor (1897-1971)
Barbara Hicks
English film actress (1924-2013)
Duncan Lamont
British actor (1918-1978)
Leslie Phillips
English actor
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Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Patrick Allen
British film, television and voice actor
Patrick Holt
British actor (1912-1993)
Victor Maddern
English actor (1928-1993)
Marius Goring
actor (1912-1998)
James Hayter
British actor
John Le Mesurier
English actor (1912-1983)
Walter Gotell
actor (1924-1997)
Bryan Forbes
English film director, screenwriter and actor
Steven Berkoff
British actor, playwright, author and director
Edward Judd
British actor (1932-2009)
Allan Cuthbertson
Australian actor (1920–1988)
Harry Fowler
English actor
Marne Maitland
Indian-British actor
Sid James
South African-born British character actor and comedy actor (1913-1976)
Bill Nagy
actor (1921-1973)
Michael Bell
American actor
Desmond Roberts
cricketer (1894-1968)