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1955 American musical film


Howard Keel
American actor and singer
Ann Blyth
American actress
Dolores Gray
American actress
Vic Damone
American singer (1928-2018)
Monty Woolley
American stage, film, radio, and television actor
Sebastian Cabot
English film actor
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Jay C. Flippen
American actor (1899-1971)
Mike Mazurki
Ukrainian-born American actor and professional wrestler (1907-1990)
Jack Elam
American film and television actor (1920-2003)
Ted de Corsia
American actor (1903-1973)
Aaron Spelling
American film and television producer (1923-2006)
Bruno VeSota
American film director (1922-1976)
Charles Wagenheim
American actor (1896-1979)
Ethan Laidlaw
actor (1899-1963)
John Bleifer
American actor (1901-1992)
Leonard Mudie
British actor (1883-1965)