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1937 film by William A. Seiter


Robert Taylor
American actor (1911-1969)
Barbara Stanwyck
American actress
Victor McLaglen
British-American actor (1886-1959)
Alan Dinehart
actor (1889-1944)
DeWitt Clarke Jennings
American actor
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Douglas Fowley
actor (1911-1998)
Frank Conroy
British actor (1890-1964)
J. C. Nugent
American actor and screenwriter (1868-1947)
John Carradine
American actor (1906-1988)
Joseph Crehan
actor (1883-1966)
Lon Chaney Jr.
son of famous silent film actor Lon Chaney, was an American actor (1906-1973)
Lynn Bari
American actress (1913-1989)
Robert McWade
American actor
Sidney Blackmer
American actor (1895-1973)
Sig Ruman
German-American actor
Willard Robertson
American actor and writer (1886-1948)
Marjorie Weaver
American actress (1913-1994)
Douglas Wood
American actor (1880-1966)