Add to watched American Dreamer (1984)

1984 film by Rick Rosenthal


JoBeth Williams
American actress and television director
Tom Conti
British actor
Coral Browne
actress (1913-1991)
Giancarlo Giannini
Italian actor, voice actor, director and screenwriter
André Valardy
Belgian actor
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Jean Rougerie
French actor
Léon Zitrone
French journalist
Pierre Santini
Italian-French comedian, actor and theater director
Hélène Hily
French actress (1937-2006)
Lucas Belvaux
Belgian actor, film director and screenwriter
Micheline Bourday
French actress
Annick Alane
French actress (1925-2019)
Gilberte Géniat
French actress
Christian de Tillière
actor (1923-1994)
Fernand Guiot
Belgian actor (1932-2021)
Jacques Maury
Belgian actor
Mariusz Pujszo
Polish actor
Michel Melki
French actor
Anna Gaylor
French actress
Hubert Noël
French actor
François Viaur
French actor (1930-2002)
Alain Flick
French actor
Albert Augier
French actor
Alexandra Lorska
French actress
Ginette Garcin
French actress