Add to watched A Dispatch from Reuter's (1940)

1940 film by William Dieterle


Edward G. Robinson
Romanian-American actor
Edna Best
British actress (1900-1974)
Eddie Albert
American actor (1906-2005)
Albert Bassermann
German actor (1867-1952)
Cyril Delevanti
English-born character actor with a long career in American films
Dickie Moore
American actor
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Gilbert Emery
American actor (1875-1945)
Grace Stafford
American actress (1903-1992)
Holmes Herbert
English actor (1882-1956)
James Stephenson
British-American actor (1889-1941)
Lawrence Grant
actor (1870-1952)
Leonard Carey
British actor (1887-1977)
Lionel Pape
English actor (1877-1944)
Lumsden Hare
actor, director (1874-1964)
Mary Anderson
American actress (1918-2014)
Montagu Love
British actor (1877–1943)
Nigel Bruce
British actor (1895-1953)
Otto Kruger
American actor (1885-1974)
Patrick H. O'Malley, Jr.
American vaudeville and stage performer (1890-1966)
Stuart Holmes
actor (1884-1971)
Walter Kingsford
British actor (1882-1958)
Wilfred Lucas
actor, Film director
Leonard Mudie
British actor (1883-1965)