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1949 film by Michael Gordon


Barbara Stanwyck
American actress
Robert Preston
American actor
Don Beddoe
Film and television actor (1903-1991)
Edith Barrett
American actress (1907-1977)
Jerry Paris
American actor and director (1925-1986)
John Harmon
American actor (1905-1985)
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John Hoyt
1905–1991; American film, stage, and television actor
Leif Erickson
American stage, film, and television actor (1911-1986)
Nana Bryant
actress (1888-1955)
Tony Curtis
American film actor (1925-2010)
Houseley Stevenson
actor (1879-1953)
Peter Leeds
American actor (1917-1996)
Esther Howard
American actress (1892-1965)