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1953 film by Michael Curtiz


John Wayne
American actor (1907–1979)
Donna Reed
American film and television actress (1921-1986)
Charles Coburn
American film and theater actor (1877-1961)
Tom Tully
American actor (1908-1982)
Marie Windsor
American actress (1919-2000)
Tom Helmore
actor from England (1904-1995)
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Leif Erickson
American stage, film, and television actor (1911-1986)
Chuck Connors
Athlete and actor (1921-1992)
James Dean
American actor (1931-1955)
James Flavin
American actor
Merv Griffin
American singer and television game show producer (1925-2007)
Dabbs Greer
American actor
Douglas Spencer
American actor (1910-1960)
Lester Matthews
British actor (1900-1975)
Jack Mower
actor (1890-1965)
Ned Glass
actor (1906-1984)
Frank Marlowe
American actor (1904-1964)
Fred Graham
American actor (1908-1979)
Murray Alper
American actor (1904-1984)
Renata Vanni
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Gayne Whitman
actor (1890-1958)