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1964 film by Hugo del Carril


Hugo del Carril
actor, film director
Virginia Luque
Argentine tango singer and actress (1927-2014)
Tito Lusiardo
Argentine actor
Beba Bidart
Argentinian actor and singer
Roberto Escalada
Argentine actor (1914-1986)
Néstor Fabián
Argentine singer
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Constanza Hool
Mexican actor and dancer
Elizabeth Killian
Argentinian actor
Ambar La Fox
Argentine actress (1935-1993)
Susy Leiva
Argentinian actor
Ubaldo Martínez
Argentinian actor
Mariano Mores
Argentine tango composer, pianist and conductor
Palito Ortega
Argentinian musician and actor
Antonio Prieto
Chilean actor and singer
Pedrito Rico
Spanish singer, actor and ballet dancer (1932-1988)
Violeta Rivas
Argentinian singer
Jorge Sobral
Argentinian actor
Julio Sosa
Uruguayan musician
Argentinita Vélez
Argentinian actor
Enzo Viena
Argentinian actor
Ramona Galarza
Argentinian singer