Add to watched Surprise Sock (1978)

1978 film by Jean-François Davy


Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
Agnès Soral
French actress
Bernadette Lafont
French actress (1938-2013)
Bernard Haller
Swiss actor (1933-2009)
Bernard Le Coq
French actor
Christine Pascal
actress, screenwriter, director
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Claude Marcault
French actress
Claude Piéplu
French actor (1923-2006)
Didier Sauvegrain
French actor
Dominique Vallée
voice actor
François Viaur
French actor (1930-2002)
Gérard Croce
French actor and film producer
Guy Piérauld
French actor
Henri Guybet
actor from France
Jean-Claude Carrière
French screenwriter and writer
Laurence Badie
French actress
Lucien Jeunesse
French actor and radio host (1918-2008)
Marcel Dalio
actor (1900-1983)
Marcel Gassouk
French actor
Micha Bayard
French actress (1930-2021)
Michel Blanc
French actor, film director and screenwriter
Michel Charrel
French actor
Michel Galabru
French actor
Patrice Minet
French actor
Philippe Manesse
French actor
Romain Bouteille
French actor
French actor and comedian