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2001 film directed by David Lynch


Naomi Watts
British actress and film producer
Laura Harring
actor, Miss USA 1985
Ann Miller
dancer, singer and actress
Justin Theroux
American actor and screenwriter
Robert Forster
American actor (1941-2019)
Mark Pellegrino
American actor
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Lori Heuring
Chad Everett
American actor (1937-2012)
Lee Grant
American actress and director
Jeanne Bates
actress (1918-2007)
Vincent Castellanos
actor from the United States
Geno Silva
American actor
Brent Briscoe
American actor and screenwriter (1961-2017)
James Karen
American actor (1923-2018)
Melissa George
Australian-American actress
Michael J. Anderson
American actor
Scott Coffey
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Billy Ray Cyrus
American singer-songwriter and actor
Michael Des Barres
actor, singer
Rena Riffel
American actress
Michele Hicks
Actress, fashion model
Tony Longo
American actor (1961-2015)
Lisa Lackey
Australian actress
Richard Green
American actor and film director
Patrick Fischler
American actor
William Ostrander
American actor
Michael Fairman
American actor