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1935 film by Frank Lloyd


Charles Laughton
English-born American stage and film actor and director (1899-1962)
Clark Gable
American actor
Franchot Tone
American stage and film actor
Movita Castaneda
American actress (1916-2015)
Mamo Clark
American actress (1914-1986)
Donald Crisp
English film actor (1882-1974)
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Henry Stephenson
British stage and film actor (1871-1956)
Spring Byington
American actress (1886-1971)
Herbert Mundin
British actor
Eddie Quillan
actor (1907-1990)
Dudley Digges
Irish actor
Ivan Simpson
Scottish actor (1875-1951)
Ian Wolfe
actor (1896-1992)
Doris Lloyd
English actress
Charles Irwin
American actor (1887-1969)
David Niven
British actor and novelist
David Torrence
British actor (1864-1951)
DeWitt Clarke Jennings
American actor
Douglas Walton
Canadian actor
James Cagney
American actor and dancer
Lionel Belmore
actor (1867-1953)
Pat Flaherty
American baseball player
Stanley Fields
American actor (1883-1941)
Vivien Oakland
American actress (1895-1958)
Francis Lister
British actor (1899-1951)
Wallis Clark
British actor (1882-1961)
Crauford Kent
British actor (1881-1953)
Alec Craig
British actor (1884-1945)