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1931 film by Henri Debain


Jean Gabin
French actor, recording artist
Gilbert Roland
American film actor
Alexandre Mihalesco
Romanian Actor (1883-1974)
André Marnay
French actor
Blanche Estival
French actress
Fernand Godeau
French actor
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France Dhélia
French actress
Gil Roland
French actor
Janine Ronceray
French actress
Jean-Marie de L'Isle
French movie actor
Louis Zellas
French actor
Lucien Callamand
French actor (1888-1968)
Mathilde Alberti
French actress
Milly Mathis
French actress (1901-1965)
Paul Clerget
French actor
René Navarre
actor (1877-1968)
Viviane Elder
French actor, aviator and racecar driver