Add to watched Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

1982 film by Carl Reiner


Rachel Ward
Australian actress and film director
Steve Martin
American actor, comedian, musician, author, playwright, and producer
Alan Ladd
American actor (1913-1964)
Carl Reiner
American actor, film director, producer, writer, and comedian (1922-2020)
Barbara Stanwyck
American actress
Ray Milland
Welsh actor and film director (1907-1986)
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Ava Gardner
American actress (1922-1990)
Burt Lancaster
American actor and producer (1913-1994)
Humphrey Bogart
American actor (1899-1957)
Cary Grant
British-American actor (1904-1986)
Ingrid Bergman
Swedish actress
Veronica Lake
American actor (1922-1973)
Bette Davis
American film, television and stage actress (1908-1989)
Lana Turner
American actress
Edward Arnold
American actor (1890–1956)
Kirk Douglas
American stage and film actor
Fred MacMurray
American actor and singer (1908-1991)
James Cagney
American actor and dancer
Joan Crawford
American actress (1904-1977)
Charles Laughton
English-born American stage and film actor and director (1899-1962)
Vincent Price
American actor
George Gaynes
American actor
William Conrad
American World War II fighter pilot, actor, producer, and director (1920-1994)
Edmond O'Brien
actor (1915-1985)
Charles McGraw
American actor (1914-1980)
Jeff Corey
actor and acting teacher (1914-2002)
John Miljan
American actor
Norma Varden
English actress (1898-1989)
Reni Santoni
American actor (1938–2020)
Rainbeaux Smith
actress (1955-2002)
Francis X. McCarthy
American actor