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1956 film by Michael Anderson


David Niven
British actor and novelist
Mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter
Robert Newton
English stage and film actor
Shirley MacLaine
American actress
Charles Boyer
actor (1899-1978)
Noël Coward
English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer (1899-1973)
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Cedric Hardwicke
English actor (1893-1964)
Finlay Currie
Scottish actor
French actor and singer
Gilbert Roland
American film actor
Cesar Romero
American actor
Peter Lorre
Austrian actor (1904-1964)
George Raft
American actor
Marlene Dietrich
German-American actress and singer (1901-1992)
John Carradine
American actor (1906-1988)
Frank Sinatra
American recording artist; singer and film actor (1915-1998)
Trevor Howard
English film, stage and television actor (1913-1988)
John Mills
English actor
Hermione Gingold
English actress (1897-1987)
Glynis Johns
Welsh stage and film actress, dancer, pianist and singer
Charles Coburn
American film and theater actor (1877-1961)
Buster Keaton
American actor and filmmaker
Joe E. Brown
American actor (1891–1973)
Ronald Colman
British actor
Reginald Denny
British actor (1891-1967)
Andy Devine
actor (1905-1977)
John Gielgud
English actor and theatre director (1904-2000)
Evelyn Keyes
American film actress
Beatrice Lillie
Canadian-born British actress
Edmund Lowe
American actor (1890-1971)
Victor McLaglen
British-American actor (1886-1959)
A. E. Matthews
English actor
Mike Mazurki
Ukrainian-born American actor and professional wrestler (1907-1990)
Robert Morley
English actor (1908-1992)
Alan Mowbray
British actor
Jack Oakie
American actor
Red Skelton
American comedian (1913–1997)
Ronald Squire
British actor (1886-1958)
Basil Sydney
English actor
Richard Wattis
actor (1912-1975)
Harcourt Williams
English actor
Minta Durfee
American actress (1889-1975)
Philip Ahn
Korean-American actor (1905-1978)
Richard Loo
actor (1903-1983)
Ronald Adam
British RAF officer, actor and theatre manager (1896-1979)
Tim McCoy
American actor and television host (1891-1978)
Walter Kingsford
British actor (1882-1958)
Ava Gardner
American actress (1922-1990)
Marion Ross
American actress
Gordon Mitchell
Film actor, bodybuilder (1923-2003)
Keye Luke
American actor (1904-1991)
Alfredo Landa
Spanish actor (1933-2013)
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
Harold Miller
American actor (1894-1972)
Frank Mills
American actor (1891-1973)
Jack Mulhall
actor (1887-1979)
Herman Hack
actor (1899-1967)
Fred Aldrich
American actor (1904-1979)
Jack Davies
British screenwriter (1913-1994)
Bob Reeves
actor (1892-1960)
Larry Duran
American actor (1925-2002)
Walter Fitzgerald
actor (1896-1976)
Jack Chefe
American actor (1894-1975)
Franklyn Farnum
American actor (1878-1961)
William H. O'Brien
actor (1891–1981)
Cameron Hall
British actor (1897-1983)
Chan Sing
Thai-born actor
Gertrude Astor
American actress (1887-1977)
Charles Morton
actor 1908-1966
Bill Shine
British actor (1911-1997)
Donald Gray
South African actor (1914-1978)
Barry Norton
Argentine actor
Dick Wessel
actor (1913-1965)
Charles Horvath
American actor (1920-1978)
Chick Hannan
American actor (1901-1980)
Boyd Morgan
American football player (1915-1988)
Richard Aherne
Irish actor
Leslie Denison
British actor
Carmelita González
Mexican actress
Patrick Cargill
English actor
Felix Felton
British actor (1911-1972)
Ben Frommer
American actor (1913-1992)
Joe E. Ross
American comic actor (1914-1982)
Albert Cavens
actor (1906-1985)
Bud Cokes
actor (1916-1990)
Mary Young
American stage and film actress (1879-1971)