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1997 British-American comedy film directed by Mel Smith


Rowan Atkinson
British actor, comedian, and screenwriter
Burt Reynolds
American actor, director and producer of film and television (1936-2018)
Pamela Reed
American actress
Harris Yulin
American actor
Andrew Lawrence
American actor, singer, and director
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John Mills
English actor
Chris Ellis
American actor
Dakin Matthews
American actor
John Ritter
American actor (1948-2003)
Johnny Galecki
American actor
Larry Drake
American actor
Oliver Platt
Canadian born-American screen and stage actor
Peter Capaldi
Scottish actor, filmmaker and singer
Richard Gant
American actor
Sandra Oh
Canadian actress
Tricia Vessey
American actress
Peter Egan
British actor
Robert Curtis Brown
American actor
April Grace
American actress