Add to watched This Love of Ours (1945)

1945 film by William Dieterle


Merle Oberon
British actress (1911-1979)
Claude Rains
British-American actor
Charles Korvin
American actor
Carl Esmond
Austrian actor
Sue England
American actress
Jess Barker
American actor (1912-2000)
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Ralph Morgan
American actor (1883-1956)
Fritz Leiber Senior
American actor (1882-1949)
Harry Davenport
American actor (1866-1949)
Helene Thimig
Austrian actress (1889-1974)
Ferike Boros
Stage and movie actress
Howard Freeman
American actor
Selmer Jackson
American actor (1888–1971)
Dave Willock
character actor (1909-1990)
Ann Codee
Belgian actress (1890-1961)
Doris Merrick
American actress and model (1919-2019)
André Charlot
French actor
Cora Witherspoon
actress (1890-1957)
Barbara Bates
actress (1925-1969)