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2004 film by Jan Kounen


Vincent Cassel
French actor
Juliette Lewis
American actress and singer
Michael Madsen
American actor
Djimon Hounsou
Beninese-American actor and model
Eddie Izzard
British stand-up comedian (born 1962)
Temuera Morrison
New Zealand actor
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Ernest Borgnine
American actor
Geoffrey Lewis
American actor (1935-2015)
Vahina Giocante
French actress
Colm Meaney
Irish actor
Dominique Bettenfeld
French actor
François Levantal
French actor
Hugh O'Conor
actor, director, writer
Jan Kounen
Dutch-born French film director and film producer
Nichole Hiltz
American actress
Tchéky Karyo
French actor
Val Avery
American actor (1924-2009)
Pascal Demolon
French actor